Thursday, November 3, 2011

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In January of 2011, Community Management Concepts Jax began managing Nature's Hideaway.
CMC has a community website for Nature's Hideaway that we are now using. Please take a moment to register and use this new site.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 HOA Fee

The 2011 Homeowner Association Fee is $160.

The Board of Directors continue to make savings and bulking up the reserves a top priority.  While our property taxes are very low due to the economic downturn and property values dropping, the Board asked for a $5 per month increase. The Board knows that the values of the property will start to rise in the next couple of years, when that happens property taxes will also increase.

Looking down the road, the Board wants to be as preventive as possible in not asking for a raise the year that property taxes rise, because we know many owners will have to supplement their escrow account due to a jump in taxes.
So, by asking for a $5 raise now, we are growing our reserves so that in a few years when major repairs are most likely to be needed, we will not have to also put a large HOA increase on the backs of the owners.

While we would all like to keep our bills as low as possible, we know the pain is easier to take in a $5 increment at this point rather than to wait until we run out of money to pay for major repairs and have to ask for a large HOA increase and more than likely because of the age of our property that would be around the same time as the market recovering and property taxes increasing.

When we signed at closing to buy our condos, we were all informed that Nature's Hideaway is a condominium community with HOA fees. This is a decision we all made to live in an Association community rather than a neighborhood or place without a Homeowner Association.  The Board of Directors is made up of volunteer owners who also pay the fee, so the Board has an interest in keeping the fee as low as possible, while still sufficiently meeting the needs of the property.

The Board has received some complaints about the $5 increase.  Some owners feel they are paying for non-paying owners. While that may have been the case in the first few years. The current Board has put into place mechanism to force owners to pay their obligation that they stated they would pay by becoming an owner in a condominium property with an Association.

The Board has worked to get the number of owners not paying to a very few which will continue to decrease as the remaining foreclosures are processed and new owners take ownership and begin paying. We receive a settlement from each foreclosure. The remaining owners not paying have liens against their property and in almost all cases the Association is in the process of foreclosing unless the bank is already doing so.
With the economy and our new financial world, these processes can take much longer than we would like.

 So, to further combat non-payment, the Board implemented parking decals. Owners and their tenants cannot park on Nature's Hideaway property (which is private property maintained by our Association, not the city). This is now the 3rd year the Board of Directors has issued parking decals. Warning stickers to vehicles without decals have been issued the week of Feb. 20th. If the owners/tenants who have been warned do not resolve their balance by either full payment or payment plan with lump sum payment upfront, these cars will be towed anytime they are on property after Feb. 28th.
Owners and tenants can expect this to go on throughout the year, the Board of Directors will be warning vehicles without decals (if a guest is warned, the guest needs to call CMC Jax for further information before the date of towing).

A significant amount of the budget is dedicated to the parking lot costs and maintenance of the common area, if owners do not pay their responsiblity, they cannot take part in the benefits of the community.
Our community has remained a safe and pleasant place to call home, because owners have taken pride in their investment and community. The Board of Directors seeks to keep the community well-maintained and safe and this is only possible through the montly fees we all committed to pay.

The Board reviews the list of payments made each month and makes contact with owners not paying, to avoid having owners get more than 2-3 months behind in payments.
By going the extra mile and as much as possible having all owners pay, the Board has been able to avoid raising the monthly fee more.
The $5 goes towards the reserves (which is meant to prevent special-assessments in the future for major repairs) and the fact that our vendors supplies and cost go up as well. While this is slight it does have to be accounted for in the budget.

The Board of Directors stand ready to discuss the budget and the community with any owners who may have questions and concerns. The Board has meetings scheduled through June each month, please attend a meeting.

Interior Insurance and Claims

Each homeowner is required by our governing documents to have interior condo. insurance.  To obtain a parking permit this year we included an information box asking if the owner has interior condo. insurance.

If you should have any damage (i.e. fire, flood, mold, etc)on the interior of your condo, you should contact your insurance agent immediately. Your insurance agent will then make the necessary contacts with the Homeowner Association Insurance and work from there to determine how the claim will be paid. Calling your insurance agent first will ensure that the problem receives immediate attention as it is your insurance agent who needs to advise on how to go about handling any damages. For example if there is water damage, the agent can provide you information on how the insurance company would want the matter handled. This will also help to make sure your claim is paid. If you decide to wait and not call the insurance agent sometimes there can be penalties and many times the damage is much worse the longer the owner waits.

The Homeowner's Association maintains insurance for the common areas up to the drywall of each condo.
This insurance premium is paid through our monthly $160 fee. This insurance covers the common area property. This insurance covers issues like trees falling, roof damage, building damage (up to the dry wall of the condos), etc.
Please keep in mind no matter why damage is caused each owner must still have interior condo insurance. So, even if another owner is at fault for the damage or it is a common area defect, each owner still must contact their insurance companies and the insurance company agents will sort out who will pay for the claim. Your insurance is in charge of making sure your interior condo damage is repaired.

The Board of Directors has had insurance agents attend meetings in the past so that owners can have the chance to ask questions and find out about coverage if needed. We continue to remind every owner to obtain interior insurance coverage.

The Nature's Hideaway HOA Announces New Property Management Company

Community Management Concepts of Jacksonville, Inc.
Michele Tabor, Community Assocation Manager

7400 Baymeadows Way, Suite 317
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Tel: 904-367-8532

Fax: 904-367-8554

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Minutes from July 26, 2010 Board Meeting

Call to Order: Annual Meeting is called to order by Gwen Carmichael at 6:30 p.m. seconded by Donna Judson.

Establish Quorum – Secretary Joan Coble called roll and established a member quorum.
Present: Gwen Carmichael, Donna Judson, Joan Coble, Roger Bailey, Stephen Ellis

Joan Coble read the May Minutes and Gwen Carmichael made a motion that the minutes be accepted as read. Donna Judson seconded the motion.

Management Report –Lenny reviewed the management report and highlighted the open and closed items being worked on by the Association.

Treasurer’s Report – Stephen gave an update on finances. Deliquent owners are being monitored. Donna and Stephen mentioned that new collection methods are working.

Operations Report – Generally the overall operations of the community is going well. There are small problems from time to time and those are addressed as they occur.

Natural Resource Report – Roger reported that the newly formed committee met on July 11th.

Open Forum Request
-Emergency number for after hours needed especially for times when the gate is not working
-Additional Dog Waste Stations Requested
-Kids taking out trash and cannot properly dispose- request to address this in the newsletter
-New stick needed at the dumpster

Upcoming Meeting Dates:
October 25

Friday, April 23, 2010

Community Newsletter

The Board hass been putting together monthly newsletters for the last 16 months or so. The newsletter is mailed to all owners each month. The newsletter is also placed in brochure boxes located next to the mailboxes through the community and also located by the trash compactor area.
If your own a condo and have a tenant living on the property, please advise your tenant to pick up a newsletter from one of these boxes each month. There is important information communicated in these newsletters.

Aslo, while tenants may not vote at meetings, tenant are welcome to attend Board meetings. Board meetings are an excellent oppurtinity to become aware of issues within the community, on-going happenings and to have questions/concerns answered and addressed.

Please also remember to use the Action Request form to submit action requests to the Board.

Recycle and Trash

The Board has worked with PaperRetriever to have a paper collection bin placed on property. The bin and collection is no charge to the Association. The Association earns dollars by the tonage collected each month from the bin.

So, in addition to the benefits to the environment our Association directly benefits from paper recycled. For more information about the paper retriever program, please visit:

Recycle Bins
Please also use the 3 bins located within the corral by the Paper Retriever for recycling of aluminum, plastic and cardboard.


The Nature’s Hideaway trash compactor is for use by owners and tenants only. Owner’s pay Homeowner’s Association Fees which pay for this service. Please do not abuse this service or the trash area.

The COMAPCTOR will now be removed on TUESDAYS.
PLEASE plan to NOT take trash to the compactor on Tuesday mornings as the compactor may be off-site.

The trash compactor is located at the FRONT of our community which makes it even more important to keep the area looking tidy and pleasant.

Please help us by NOT putting trash on top of the compactor or the steps/landing of the compactor area. Please properly bag all trash and open the door of the compactor and push the bag down the chute and then close the door.
Owners please advise tenants of the rules of the community and the trash guidelines.
Trash from William Hunt was found on the landing of the compactor last month. The trash was not placed in the compactor and created a huge mess and eyesore for everyone on the property. This created a domino-effect of owners believing that the compactor did not work and trash being stacked. Please advise all residents - tenants and owners to respectful of the property including the trash compactor and trash area.
Let’s keep our community a place we are proud to call HOME!

Pond/Nature Meeting

- Dale Eisman St Johns River Management and Roger Bailey presented a power point and short video clips or information related to our ponds and nature of our community.
Notes from the meeting:
*Free curbside card – Dale has contact name and info
The card is a reminder to not put motor oil or other garbage in the ponds.

*Dale reported that overall our ponds look good and we do not have an algae problem.
*When fertilizing blow excess back on to grass – don’t allow in to the ponds
*The back pond water level is high probably due to a clogged overflow structure. This structure is located in the far corner. If we are not able to unclog it we should contact Charles Aquatics or another vendor to help us. This needs to be fixed and report back to Dale when problem is fixed. If state DEP were to look at our property this would be a citation.
*Stock ponds with bass or brim
*No fishing or swimming in these ponds
*Aquascaping can purify the pond water, but is very tricky to find the right combination of plants. Not recommended.
*Adding a fountain to the back pond – owners from 6093 expressed that they think the area looks very natural and we should not add a fountain. The recommendation is to add brim and bass to the pond.
*Request for trees to be planted by the back pond. Board reassured owners that this is in the works.
*Dale presented map of our property and explained water flow
*movie clips about ponds and conservation/easement areas
*owners living in 6093 expressed concern that residents may be having fires in the easement area. If pond committee is formed this would be a good research project.
*Roger asked for those interested in forming a pond committee – Susan and Betty Crouse expressed interest.
*Recommendation of a Pond Clean-up days once or twice a year
*Potential role of pond committee:
-Educate owners about ponds/nature
-Provide articles for newsletter
-Provide reports/updates at board meetings
-Coordinate with vendors about pond and nature work on property
-Coordinate special nature-related events for the community

Reminder to owners present at meeting
2010 Parking Pass Distribution

Friday, November 13, 2009

Coming Soon - Paper Recycling at Nature's Hideaway

Nature's Hideaway is partnering with
Paper Retriever Recycling

Paper Retriever supplies the bin for paper recycle and picks up the contents at no charge to our community. If the community meets set quotas we will earn $15 per ton of paper collected. By recycling paper we will also decrease our monthly waste management bill. In addition to the benefits of helping the environment and being responsible citizens, we will also receive monetary benefits (a. $15 per ton collected and b. decrease monthly waste management bill).

The Board has placed a sign by the dumpster to increase awareness about this new program. Please be sure to tell neighbors and spread the word about this new initiative. The new recycle bin should arrive around Nov. 20th. It will be placed near the regular trash dumpster. Once the bin is on-site, please begin discarding all paper products into this bin. We will also do a spread in the December newsletter about this recycle bin and how to properly use the bin.

Please help us communicate this very important initiative throughout the community

Please recycle:
Newspaper • Envelopes • Magazines • Folders • Office and School Papers • Fax and Copy Paper • Shopping Catalogs • Colored Paper •

Please DO NOT include:

Friday, October 23, 2009


The gate is one of the top 3 expenses for the community.

The Board has decided to automatically open the gate from 8-10 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. each day.
The reason for this is to help save the gate from wear-and-tear during these peak hours of usage.The gate is constantly opened during these hours due to increased traffic for work/school.

Please do not bump or otherwise damage the gate when entering and exiting the property.